The way I reduce stressI have plenty of ways to reduce my stress. When I feel tired, I always listen to music, read books or 賣房子sometimes join volunteering works. Listening to music can make me calm down and lose myself in the songs. My favorite singer is Sam 當鋪Lee. His songs let me feel happiness and cheerful. Once in a while, I also listen to songs of Da Ai .Their songs are all very warm 賣屋and hopeful. If you have free time, you can choose some music to listen. I guess you will love it. The second way to reduce my 襯衫stress is to read books. It broadens my horizons and makes me relaxed. I am fond of reading interesting novels or poetry 酒店經紀collections. The most excellent author in my mind is Charles Dickens. His novel-Oliver Twist-is so fantastic. I hope I will become a 酒店打工great author like him in the future. Then, I can bring more love and wishes to everyone in the world. The last way is to be a 支票貼現volunteer in my leisure time. I often go to the orphanages to bring joy to kids. It is the happiest thing to see them laugh 借錢innocently. It makes me be in a good mood forever. Finally, everybody should learn how to reduce stress. Keeping happy is so 九份民宿important. Thus, you will have a nice life and be happiness ,right?

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